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December 07, 2009



Food Network is definitely more dangerous this time of year. I really enjoy "Unwrapped." That sock advent calendar is the cutest thing!


I totally know what you mean about HGTV. It used to be full of design shows, crafting, quilting, decorating, holiday specials, and shows about unique homes. Now it's just sell sell sell, or kind of do-it-yourself remodeling stuff. Weird. I think it's a reflection of the crazy home prices and weird real estate market that was happening during the last few years. Maybe it will change again? Now I usually watch the Travel Channel's food shows or Fine Living Network, or... better yet, just leave the TV off! :0)


I haven't thought about it, but you're right. HGTV has changed. No wonder I don't watch it anymore.


Ah, I've enjoyed this tea-in-the-kitchen chat! :) I don't watch HGTV anymore either! Remember back in the early days, and they had all of those fancy men decorators who had shows??? Christopher someone was one? I used to watch on my lunch hour every day.

I know nothing about real trees but we're getting one this year. I don't even know what kind of stand to get! I suppose you could put the stand down into a dishpan or something, and cover that with the skirt or some coordinating fabric.


Love the fresh, cheery pic. I've been checking HGTV for Christmas programming and saw something once. Don't remember the day or time but, like you, I was hoping for more!


You know, I was thinking the same thing about HGTV! I couldn't believe that there is an all day marathon of House Hunter, et al instead of something like best organizing and room re-do for the New Year marathons. Are there really that many people interested in real estate transactions?

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