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January 13, 2010



I always try to find the nearest group that accepts handknits or hand crocheted items, even quilts. There's always a group like that out there somewhere, and that's something I feel like I can *do*, realistically. Sometimes it makes me feel better, knowing I'm actually making something that will physically be given to a victim/survivor/person in need (victim doesn't seem right), but at times it does seem just like a drop in the bucket. Ah, well, I guess all I can do is keep doing whatever I can, however small the gesture may be!

Sheepish Annie

I love the idea of the LEGO classes. The kids I have in class now aren't motivated by that kind of thing and I miss those little bricks!

I'm so horrified by the situation in Haiti now. I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like to have that kind of tragedy happen all around me.


lego classes!!!-love it!!! want to come to Chicago and teach a few?

praying too!


Knitting thumbs is such a chore! I donated to Doctors Without Borders and it made me feel better but it's still not much.


I've been thinking about starting a Lego Club around here. I'm not sure I'm ready for JFLL. But, I think a year of Club could make us ready for it. We started storyboards for a stop motion video. I need more ideas you have the lego education kits of do you run your own thing?

Haiti is so far from here...and yet so present in my thoughts too.


Caleb is very excited about starting your recycling class tomorrow. I am going to sacrifice and drink some Diet Coke to get you a few empty 2L's ;)

I love your blog header. I wish I knew how to knit. It is like a foreign language to me though.


lego you teach them to never leave them lying on the floor? LOL
My husband and I are going to give to Life Outreach. I really Like James and Betty and feel like they do a good job with the money they get for helping others.

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