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March 02, 2010



Good morning, Beth:

Sorry that snow hits your place again.
I enjoy a warmer weather in my place.
Beautiful minds about ten on Tuesday...

take care.
I appreciate your kind comment and more.


What a bummer with the snow...I'm so over winter and am desperately looking for signs of spring. Saw 5 robins yesterday and that helped a bit.


You know, we were just wondering where our weather went...Seattle is unseasonably warmer (okay, still the 40s/50s, but that is warm for here right now) and we are having so many hours of sunlight I might lose my glow-in-dark skin!

I too am thinking I need a sweater or seven...see temperature noted above. I've been a little obsessed with hats lately, though.


An excellent list!


I hope you can get more of your WIPs done that you want to do! I have a huge list of new things to start, but need to finish a couple of UFOs first. Trying to get motivated for them!


Great list...Woodland Shawl and Multnomah are on my short list as well.

And you got more snow! We only had rain this time...which was fine with me.


I'm enjoying looking at your snow - we have a very unseasonal heat wave at the moment!


Happy Sunday to you!


What a great list Beth and how far you've come with your knitting skills, very impressive.

I am back to blogging, writing, crafting and sewing. My muse is back in a big way! Just stopping in to say Hi and wishing you a great week.

kathy b

I wish I were knitting something absolutely mindless like a blanket. Instead I think I'll continue with my fingerless and make them long and lovely


hope that everything is fine with you.

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