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June 29, 2010



A great list. I liked The Other Boleyn Girl. Jane Austen Book Club was okay but not great, I thought.


I tried to read the Jane Austen Book Club but couldn't seem to get into it. I am loving all the blogs with this 10 on Tuesday...have some great ideas to add to my reding list.


I really, really liked The Other Boleyn Girl. If you're a fan of Tudor England, it's a fun read!


i second the other boleyn your blog!!!


I'm lucky if I get to read. I did mention the few books that are on my radar on my blog though. I have the audio of the Brothers Karamazov...maybe I'll get to that next.


I listened to the Jane Austen Book Club as an audio book, and I liked it much better than when I tried to read it...the same thing happened with the last Amy Tan book I read. Sometimes the book is way better read to me than me reading it.

Julia G

Great summer reading list! My DH read the Bournes and the Stieg Larssons (#8), and couldn't put the Larssons down. He says they aren't exactly the same, but a very good read. Happy reading!


If you fall in love with Jamie and Claire
in Outlander, keep reading. Their story
gets better and better. There are 6 books, so far. Enjoy. Great list.

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