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July 28, 2010



Everything looks so nice! I love the socks. I am currently knitting on a wrap that will take forever! It's simple, just a lot to do on it. ;)


Yay, you! Those look fabulous. You're keeping them, right? I want to try the 2 at a time socks, too. Makes much more sense to me. I always get bored with the second sock. Right now I have a charity baby blanket, another baby blanket and some sewing projects in the works. And about twenty more in my head!


The socks look great and I'm so glad the pattern worked out for you!


The picot edge is lovely ~ great color, great socks!


what a happy knitting update!


It's fun to read about your new socks and your new projects. I miss reading about w-i-ps and knitting in general. Most of the knitblogs I read don't seem to update much these days.


amazing projects...


pick one or two awards from there,
Happy Thursday!

Sheepish Annie

I don't know what it is about socks, but I never really had a problem with them. Everything else? I mess up every ten seconds! I love the edge on yours. I've never tried that before. It's the perfect touch!


The socks look wonderful! I love knitting socks, they are my 'take along' project. At the moment I'm trying toe up for the first time and those ones are not going so quickly...

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