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August 06, 2010



looks like a good day - and I definitely enjoyed the knitting with you! (btw - it's fabulous fall


I see people occasionally write about knit blogging becoming less popular but I don't really see it. Looks like you had a great day on Friday. That lunch sounds awesome and I hope the birthday party is a huge success!


Love the glimpse of the sock in process! Pretty!

One of my difficulties in blogging is that everything I think to write about seems insignificant considering what is going on in the world about us. Almost a Pollyanna fantasyland, as it were.

P.S. I found clear top, moth-defying, zipper garment bags at Super WalMart for storing finished items under the sofa. Just pull it out and choose.

(See what I mean?)


I think the blogging slows in summer. People are on vacation, and it's just too hot to knit on that big project...or lazy. I am very very lazy. I have been knitting and am almost done with a pair of mom socks...but who would know? And then there's my baby brother's knit hat...also in progress, but again, not posted...but I blame work. Once fall starts though, I hope all my regular posters will start up again.

And happy birthday to Emma! I too am doing the cleaning thing as a backup plan to a picnic's tomorrow, but there is rain in the forecast!


i love progress photos, you've really made headway. i'm thinking all the knitting podcasts have taken away some of the knitting blogging. agree with one of the other comments about summer. i feel like i'm finally able to breath with school back in session and our summer plans concluded. enjoy the party.


I think each person's life has ebb and flow. I don't so much feel that a blog has to *just* be about knitting. I like hearing about the life things too of my bloggy friends.


Aw, love that cute little face! Libby would be in love if she saw him, they look a lot alike. :o)
I'm not blogging as much anymore, I think because I just don't make the time to do it. I seem to spend WAY too much time surfing around Ravelry. But, I'll get back to it soon.
Happy 16th Birthday to Emma!

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