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September 06, 2010



Sounds like you are making the most of the long weekend!


Wow, your post made me tired :). I did preeety much nothing this weekend...well, there was a birthday party...but yesterday was pretty much spent lazing around and knitting, all, day, long. It was awesome!

Today though, I labor. A friend is moving to Australia to help her mom get through chemo. It's been a bad month for parents in my neck of the woods...she hates packing as much as I do...except we've both realized we don't mind packing other peoples' stuff AT ALL, so she' having a packing party. You know, bring chips, salsa, spare empty will be a blast! (Or so I hope...)

I love Emma's Claudia costume! (And not just because I caught up with Warehouse 13 yesterday on Hulu :).)

Sheepish Annie

It all sounds like so much fun. However I can't help but be losing my mind with jealousy over Steve and Emma being able to go to Dragon Con! Soooo cool!!!


Oh cool, you can play the guitar?
My daughter likes yoghurt too!
Oh my goodness you finished the cowl already?!
Emma's assignment sounds like fun. Why didn't I get assignments like that back when I was in school?
It's Tuesday morning here for me and I'm having fun because I brought my son with me to work today. He's sitting at the table, working on his holiday homework. He's on a one week break from school :)


What a weekend! And so fun finishing a quick project. I spent the ENTIRE day Monday working on my lesson plans. I have everything planned utnil 11.1.10. I'll have to do this again in another 4-6 weeks. But, I can't complain. My hubby took the kids to Grandma's house!


love weekends that are full of knitting-and when possible card making and good ole' girl time.


that was a great weekend! (and tell emma I love to sit at starbucks with my journal and write about what I see :-)

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