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January 18, 2011



How fun! I love all those games!

I got hubby a copy of battleship for Christmas, you are right it is so fancy now! So many bells and whistles - I think I like the old simple version better!


yep, i can include many of these on my list too.


These lists are so much fun to read. I had forgotten about Trouble but I loved that game!


great list!! i used to love the original battleship, too, and boy did you just trigger a bunch of happy memories of chinese checkers!! :) if you want to talk about atari, i could go on all day (frogger, pitfall, donkey kong)

the kids want to play trouble all the time-it's one of their current favorites.


Love these games. We still play a lot of them. Boggle was always a favorite of mine. One day, when the power went out, my son asked me if I wanted to play some Antique Games!!! Talk about feeling old...


fun list! I forgot chinese checkers on mine (but that would make more than 10 :-) ... looks like family game night is still fun at your house, too!


We've been playing the same Monopoly game since we opened the box 4 or 5 years ago. Everyone has a baggie to store their own money, properties, and statue. We just note where everyone is when we are ready to stop playing and pick back up the next time we want to play.


What a great list!! Trivial Pursuit is my all-time hands down favorite. But no one will play with an ex-librarian, I know a lot of trivia. :)

As an adult, I love Taboo and Scattergories. I don't think they were around when I was growing up. But do you remember Quiz Whiz? The first computer trivia game!

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