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January 25, 2011



cetaphil is what my derm. recommended and dove soap. mascara and lip gloss or mascaraandlipgloss as mary calls it-very important.


if i used an eyelash curler, i would probably blind myself! i, too, have rosacea, so i heart foundation. clinique also makes a great mineral powder that lessens redness.


I have a lovely make up brush from Clinique for putting on foundation but I have a terrible time getting it clean. What do you use to clean your brushes?


My secret to making my skin look less red is lipstick. I can't use foundation or I break out something awful, I can't even do favorite lately is Duwop's Perfect Plum mixed with a Sephora brand lip-liner. Since I wear glasses, any mascara/eyeshadow I wear is pretty lost...

I totally recognized the mascara bottle though, it's a very recognizable green.


I miss my tweezers! ...and going to check out that lipstick shade - do you have a bobbi gloss to go with it?

Custom Patches

Your favorites are my favorites too. I have a list of them also in my wallet for "the things to buy this February lists".:)


How fun! I love stuff like this - and especially beauty products, I could go on for hours!

I use cetaphil too - love their cleanser, great products!

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