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January 19, 2011


Have you tried a balloon? You could blow it up to the right size... Other than that I'm drawing a blank. I knitted a beret once but never bothered with blocking it (it had quite a simple stitch pattern and didn't really need it).

On the plus side - I think it looks great!! :)


i like the balloon idea-or a hat "dummy"? wonder if using dental floss as a blocking "wire" or maybe even a heavy gauge wire. good luck-it's very cute.


I can't really see it but I believe you that it's there. Could you use crumpled plastic bags?


i know nothing about blocking-sorry! i think it looks awesome even with the ridge, which i never would have noticed if you didn't point it out with an arrow! good luck!


it looks great - love the yarn and the pattern!

from the photo on lauren nell's blog, I think she heavily blocked the beret (and I think you can see a little bit of the ridge in the bottom photo - so yes, I think it's a feature of the pattern, nothing you did wrong :-). I'd try a long soak and then drying over something like a dinner plate. if you put it over the plate while it's really wet, you should be able to pull in the ribbing so it will dry without being stretched too much. and then once it's completely dry and you take it off the plate, it shouldn't stretch anymore.


Happy New Year Bth!
I tried blocking a ribby beret before, but didn't have much success, it just sprung right back after that :)

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