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January 12, 2011



That's a very pretty beret. And you know what? Let's go to FLORIDA!!


Not to rub it in...but YAY for us! :)

Sheepish Annie

I love the beret! And I think it's something Emma can use right now. There is a lot of snow out there. My parents left for Florida last weekend.

And today we got 15 inches of snow...


Lovely, lovely! The beret, the olive green markers, but especially Emma's gift. What a sweet girl.


so pretty! I drove to Florida yesterday...and it's nice to not have snow, but it is cold here - in the 20's which for them is like the arctic!


i love the beret! that's something on my list of "wanting to knit for myself." and what a very thoughtful gift from emma! i'm just discovering the joy of stitch markers!!


the beret is lovely-got to work late this morning to a parking lot that rivals any skating rink-complete with a hill for sleding-not just black ice downtown, but several inches thick of solid ice-have enjoyed the knitting time that the snow days have provided.


What a nice post. I love that you got the stitch markers that showed Emma was paying attention to you at some point when you spoke of knitting.
We are above zero today. We had several days of -18...much rather get snow.


I hope you're still doing okay weather-wise! Seattle's snow storm was called for rain...and now they're worrying about floods...if it's not one thing it's least it keeps life from being boring! :)


The beret looks like it's coming out beautifully, gorgeous stitch markers too.

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