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February 17, 2011



that's great you joined a book club! i really enjoy the one that i belong to, plus it's fun to read different things that you might not pick out for yourself. i think "Open House" is my favorite book by E. Berg, although I read "Home Safe" last year and enjoyed it. last week, i read her latest "Last Time I Saw You."


i loved the time travelers wife, i'm definitely going to read this one now that i know more about it. when i was in london i was in the area of high gates cemetary looking for a historic home-no one told me that the cemetary was right near the tube stop-one of those london hidden treasures, i'm sorry i missed. thanks for the book review.


I loved Time Traveler's Wife but haven't tried reading this one - I will give it a shot, though. Elizabeth Berg is good but after a while I found that her themes were just too similar and I couldn't keep the stories separate.


I've read Open House by Elizabeth Berg and I enjoyed it although I found it quite similar in feel to The Year of Pleasures, which I preferred. I'll have to look up some others...I'd forgotten how much I like her work!


Ooh, please keep posting about the books you read and what you think of them... I've been wanting to read more adult literature lately. I mean, Harry Potter and the 5th and 6th grade novels are great, but you know, sometimes it cracks me up, the stuff I check out of the library!

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