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February 24, 2011



what a great idea!


last weekend i took a car load (including the trunk) of stuff to good will (literaly only room left was the front seat. while i was purging i found a wedgewood china veg. bowl i hadn't seen in almost 6 years-i was thrilled to find it. also, cleared out my desk of papers and other bits i'd been saving out of magazines. i also gave away to a teacher friend tons of containers, stickers, paper, and other crafty bits-i like to do this about every 4 months.


I'm away so there will be no donating for me but I wish I had brought some fiber with me to donate to someone else. I have some that I know I'll never spin.


Yea! Pick 5! Thanks so much for mentioning it - glad you're simple living challenge-alonging with me! :)


That's a great idea! I've been also thinking lately that I should nip the problem in the bud by not acquiring things that I am likely to trash or donate. Yesterday, I was in the lys to buy a knitting needle in a size I did not have. I walked around the shop and was tempted by so many things that I wanted but did not need. Thankfully I was able to get away with buying only my needles :)


Oh I'm taking of this. Have been been cleaning out the room we call "the junk room" for the last two Saturdays. Have made a trip to donate and dump both days. Will finish this weekend.It will be nice to walk into that room without feeling closed in by all the "stuff" we thought we needed to keep.



I so need to do this. I try to always keep a box by the door of stuff to donate. Whenever I find something my kids (or I) can live without, I put it in there. But there's *so* much left to organize and clear out, it's sad.

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