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February 22, 2011



Ugh! I hate car trouble. I've only been a stay-at-home-mom for about 8 months, and I have changed my schedule around a million times. What's working best for me is to only schedule certain activities a couple of times a week and leave the rest open. At one point I spread it all out over the week, and I would finish days feeling disappointed when I saw less result than expected. My current schedule: grocery shopping on Mondays, scrub tubs and showers on Tuesdays, do an all-over cleaning on Fridays during Jude's nap. I do one load of laundry everyday to not get overwhelmed, and this works better than a "laundry day" for me.


I hope you feel caught up by the end of the day today!


sorry to hear about all the car repairs! that can be a bit of a downer. i don't have a set schedule, although i typically try to shop for the week on sun or mon. i try to do most of the washing/drying on monday but it usually takes a few days to get it all folded and put away, and by then there is more! the rest i just fit in when i can!


Love the cherry blossoms! Amazing how the branches look bare hardly any leaves but it's flowering.
I don't schedule chores :) I do them when I absolutely have to eg, my son has run out of clean school uniforms so his laundry needs to get done. You can tell that I'm not very fond of chores.
hope you're having a good day!


i'll have to check our trees, no blooms yet-maybe it's the way we're facing. i've developed a good routine, and when there's an unexpected hiccup i can usually get back on track pretty easy. i try not to worry too much when it does happen. even though i had tuesday off it was spent zipping around town, but wasn't the weather gorgeous. i too hate car repairs-makes me want to live in NYC where i can walk, use the subway or bus.


This has been a week of getting nothing done for me. I totally understand how frustrated you feel.

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