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March 04, 2011



oh it's so pretty!! I'm looking forward to a rainy weekend. which hopefully means knitting and spending time with marc!


That's wonderful! I love the color and it looks great with your white shirt. Enjoy wearing it!


Beth it is lovely! The color is fantastic.


it looks great on you-have lots of crafty things planned for the weekend. hope it includes serious knitting progress.


i think the scarf is just beautiful! the color looks great on you. i, too, am looking forward to the weekend. date night! happy friday!


Lovely. Hope I see you at COC wearing it today!!


Beautiful, and the color is great! The kids and I are doing a 1k walk for a school fundraiser tomorrow. Should be lots of fun, but it's very early in the morning!


So pretty and feminine, and of course I adore that sea blue color!! I hope the mitts are working out too. If you find the solution to the stretchy bind-off, please let me know. Mine have that problem too.


That is really pretty and the color is great. Glad I don't have to spell the name!


Beautifully knit, lovely shawl! It bekons Spring to come, doesn't it :)

This weekend has brought continued work on the house. My linen closet is all red up now; the spare room painted; the guest bathroom nears completion.


It's so pretty! Love the lace design (it looks complicated!) and the colour. Hope you had a good weekend!


Such a pretty color! This weekend was a birthday weekend. Now I have an 8yo!

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