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March 30, 2011



It happens to me, too. I set a project aside and forget how much I was enjoying it because I start knitting something else. You should knit what makes you happy!


Both of those are so pretty. Love the colors. Feather and Fan is one of my favorite patterns and the assymetrical looks so cutes. I can't wait to see the finished result.


i love the colors of both of these projects and the sweater is going to be super cute.

Sheepish Annie

Lovely projects! I think the color on Abyssal is simply yummy!


Your abyssal is looking great. The colour is much prettier in your photo than when I googled earlier for the colour of the yarn.

Guess what? I have the Sassymetrical in my queue too! Love the colour of your sassy! Haha maybe I should start my sassy too and knit along with you, but I already have 4 projects on my needles!

I identify with Reason 1 and to make things worse, I am slowly but surely gaining weight :(
Reason 2 is funny - the college fund - but true. It takes so much yarn and $$$ to knit a long sleeved sweater. I am knitting from stash these days and most of my stash isn't enough to knit a l-sleeved sweater. But I realised that I can get round the insufficient yarn issue by knitting shorter sleeves.
And related to Reason 1 again, I am knitting more cardis than sweaters these days, cardis are more err ... "flexible" - I can wear them unbuttoned!
Boy, this is one looong comment!


Such beautiful colors ~ a couple of cheerful knits in progress!


always love your WIP posts! these two projects are coming along so well!! I especially love sassymetrical and am so glad you're writing down what you're doing so there will be pattern!


Beautiful projects! I, too, just pulled a WIP from several years ago and am working on it. Feels good, doesn't it?


what beautiful yarn! i can't wait to see how they turn out!


I love your colors in both projects!!

I hear you on #1. Some sweaters are more form-fitting than others, so you could choose something else like Sassymetrical or a wrap sweater that can fit various sizes. Pas de Valse was a popular sweater from Twist Collective that might work.


How have you found adjusting the size of Sassymetrical- I know xs is not going to fit me, but as a beginning (sort of) knitter, I'm not sure if just increasing the number of stitches, as suggested, is going to work? Any suggestions?

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