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April 15, 2011



It looks beautiful in any light, I'm sure!


yea you, it's much nicer once it's blocked, i really stretched the points. look forward to seeing it in person. mal-sock is so nice to work with.


wow! you and lydia both have yours finished - and they are so pretty! - and mine is still where I left it last fall. hummm.... I need to finish mine! and really, no worries about the fluorescent light in the shop - the yarn is gorgeous!


Love how your Pettine looks by the window. And you are right, it looks so different in the next photo.
Trump is super cute too - is he yours?

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Happy knitting!


Trump looks like he's happier being a pug. Your shawl is great and I love the color. I love the pug face too.


the shawl is beautiful and i just love Trump. "Really, Mom? Do I have to??"


Beth, this is so pretty. I love Trump's expression. I can't wait to see the shawl in person.


Awww Trump! You are such a sweet little doggie! (He could run for President!)


The colours look lovely.


Your sweet doggie probably doesn't mind a shawl, but he'd probably protest at those cowl-necked sweaters!

Does your knitting class take place near a window? That way you can be inside and people can still see the pretty colors!

Hope you are all safe in GA. Hearing reports of tornadoes down there.

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