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May 09, 2011



I like them both. I always envy people who just throw a shawl around their shoulders and neck and it looks perfect and natural. I think I fuss with it too much.


They're both very pretty. The colors look fantastic on you. Wear them well!


i just finished saroyn (sic), super easy and fast.


LOVE them both. Pettine is beautiful. I hope to knit it someday. Honestly, I think Mary should teach a class showing us how to wear all the shawls we have made. I face the same frustruation. Olivia, my 13 year old, finally helped me with Colchi.


I forgot to post my suggestion for your next knit. What about cedar leaf shawlette or arroyo (free), scroll lace, bacchus shawl, or forget-me-knot. Also, Annis. Let me know what you decide.


They are both beautiful!!


Both look so lovely! I agree with the cedar leaf shawlette. I knit it up in fingering weight merino and added beads on the leaves. It makes a delicate scarf in the lighter weight yarn.


Your shawls look great. I cannot wear one myself. They never stay in place and I end up uncomfortable in them.


Your Abyssal blocked out nicely. Hmm, I haven't thought about how to wear it yet:)
Your Pettine is pretty too, both the pattern and the colours.
And ooh ... Summerflies looks like an interesting pdesign too.
By the way, love your hairstyle!

joy williams

they both looks so nice!!!
wow!! now that is a lot of knitting


Look how pretty! I just love when you knit a shawl!

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