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January 06, 2012



Step away from the Nutella! Seriously, i've never tried it. I need to. :)


pj loved crepes with nutella and bananas when we were in france. he got a jar in his first care package-i've never tried it but the europeans love it! reading and counting-who knew those skills were so key to knitting-and zits well, having 2 teenage boys, let's just say i have several applicable strips on my fridge!


Lots of new things for me in your post today. Not Nutella, though, as that's Hannah's favorite thing in the whole world!


I've never tried nutella..but I know that giada loves it. villemo is looking lovely - is it really ultra alpaca (the worsted weight?) - darn I hate to add another project to my queue!!


I bought nutella once. Zoom ... it disappeared in no time. Dangerous stuff, that! (I also need to learn to read a pattern through before casting on. It's a good practice.)


Oh! I've avoided Nutella because I know I'd love it and become addicted and feel guilty. Sooo tempting. hee-hee

Increasing, darn!! That's going to be a very nice scarf in alpaca. Now that you're on the right track, it'll be finished in no time!


We like nutella too. One of our fave ways of eating nutella is to use it to top cupcakes and stick a strawberry into it.
And ... I'm into my 2nd Christmas box of ferrero rochers.


by the way Beth, that earlier comment was me, trying to comment via google but it (or maybe it was me) did something weird instead!

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