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January 02, 2012



I too have wondered about getting a kindle. Two in our family have one. I have an iPhone and have used the Kindle app on it and I've read a book on our iPad. But I still think the books are too expensive. I do a lot of trading with and it makes books super cheap.


Love my Kindle. I've had it for a year and don't know what I'd do without that. Don't worry, I haven't given up books entirely. I still buy traditional books as well. In fact, I bought three the other day. :)


i sooo LOVE my kindle-you can add pdf files so easily (knitting patterns :-)) i still get books from B&N, friends and the library. i found a pattern at little quilts to make a fabric kindle cover that i'm going to try-a kindle needs pretty clothes too.


Pretty much love my kindle. I purchased a cover with light and can read in bed without disturbing my husband. It travels easily ... and I don't miss turning the pages or the feel of the paper one little bit!


LOVE LOVE LOVE my kindle - it does mean I'm buying instead of borrowing and lending, but boy it's so convenient! it's small, it's lightweight and it takes NO hands to read (yes, I've been able to eat and to knit while reading... no comments about that last one, please :-) it's also nice to get samples of the books before I buy them. they're free (and fun) and I have a much better idea about the book than the 2-3 pages I might've read in the bookstore. (and I have a hardback leather case for mine with no plans to craft one - the hard leather makes me think it's safe in my bag!)


After resisting Kindle books, I have gotten hooked on the daily deals on free and low priced books using the Kindle app on my tablet. I have discovered some new books and writers. I cleaned out part of the pantry and purged lots of vintage Tupperware


I've got to admit I'm sorely ignoring my Kindle. I don't think I've ever read a book on it, in the two(?) years I've had it. But I do love storing my pattern PDFs on it, it saves paper when I'm knitting or crocheting something. I think it will always be handy and when the publishers get on board with it and charge a lot less for the Kindle version than the paperback, I'm sure I'll use it more. Enjoy!


I love my Kindle! Especially now that the local library loans out Kindle e-books. They don't yet carry a whole bunch of books that I want, but maybe that will change in the future. And the Kindle app for the iPhone is awesome. I hope you enjoy your Kindle!!

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