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February 01, 2012


Linda M

I completely empathize with you because I hate shopping for purses but I like the bag! I'm sure it is embossed cowhide at that price. I especially like the green/brown combination. My must have requirement is that it have a pocket that fits my iPhone. Does this one have a good phone pocket for you? If you really aren't sure, don't keep it. You'll find something you do like elsewhere.

Gwyndolyn O'Shaughnessy

I don't carry a purse; I cheat. I carry my cards and ID on my keychain (license & credit card in plastic convention-nametag sleeves). Keys, watch, flashdrive and tiny flashlight weigh a bit but it works. In winter, right mitten and keys go in the right pocket. Left pocket holds the left mitten, alpaca-wool hat, inhaler and chapstick (sometimes a napkin or two). Upper right pocket is $20, a pen and reading glasses. Upper left pocket is ipod and cell phone.

Spring and fall swap out the hat and mitts for knitting. I do carry a small purse in Summer, holding only the keys, lip stuff, phone &c.

I sometimes carry water, knitting and small snack in a random tote.

Like I said: I cheat. I don't have children or wear cosmetics very often. i also live in Seattle, where Gore-tex is the fashion of choice.

(PS: If the leather's smooth, it might be gator. If rough, then cow.)


I love it! Croco or Cow? NO idea, as long as it's cute!


Is it okay to say I don't care for it? (The color or the texture.) But I'm not really one to offer advice because I don't carry a large bag.

I have a small leather coach bag for essentials. Paid a ridiculous amount of $ for it, but it's gotta be 15+ years old and you'd never ever know it. And I have several handmade totes for non-essentials. The coach bag fits nicely inside when both essentials and non-essentials are carried.


so...I'm with Robin on this one. I definitely think it's embossed crocodile (nature isn't nearly that symmetrical :-) and the color looks a bit forced. sadly, I don't have anything else to suggest. I'm experimenting with a smaller bag (a few cards, a lipstick, phone and camera) for non-knitting outings (very rare) and a wallet + cosmetic bag in my knitting bag for knitting outings (very common). I think it's working OK, but I still find myself looking for "stuff" every now and then. good luck!


Beth, I know how hard it is shopping for a purse - I hate doing it. I too am not overly crazy about this one and agree the croco look is "forced". I have a dear friend who gave me great advice once - at this point in our lives don't buy something cause you like it or it is on sale, buy it because you LOVE it. You don't LOVE this or you would have taken off the tags and used it right away.


Like you, I switch purses in the Summer and Fall so I have to LOVE the purse I'm carrying. I can't suggest a choice for you, Beth. I'll tell you how I would decide. I would keep it if I absolutely love it. Otherwise, I'd keep searching for the one that calls to me.

Have you checked ?



I really like it. I like the color. I have to carry a rather large bag myself. I actually blogged about it today. Must be bag day. LOL.


I'm a Tom Bihn girl. They are "plain" canvas bags, pricy, but they last and last...and as Estella mentioned, I LOVE them.

I used the same medium sized cafe bag daily from circa 1997 through mid 2011-ish; which included fours years teaching (and shoving in paperwork/grading), and a couple years in Mexico where it was my "daypack" and carried my water bottle, knitting, and anything my then husband needed me to carry.

I only downsized to a small cafe bag when I visited my folks in East LA in 2010 and my father asked that I not carry around such a huge "temptation" in the 'hood (it was really bad for a while, better now, but still not where I grew up...) I had to get used to it before my visit, and realized I could get away with small as long as I only carried one paperback and a sock or hat knitting project.

Purses are like glasses...for me at any rate. It took me a very long time to realize what my "style" was and since I use it EVERY DAY, I really have to love it or I'm not happy/comfortable with it.

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