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February 08, 2012



Those are cheerful looking projects! I'm knitting a pair of socks for a friend, that epic sock blanket, and a pair of legwarmers (from handspun! yay me!) for Hannah.


i'm nearly finished with the moch cardi-same with dark and stormy-sooooo close. i did finish up 2 pairs of socks last week-(2nd socks were at different points, so not as awesome as it sounds). i started another pair of socks on sunday, and i'm almost done with the leg. oh an i still have crocus on the needles. i'm trying not to really start anything until the 2 sweaters and shawl are done. however, i needed a portable project so that explains the new socks! can't wait to see your FO's


I'm working on some socks myself and a basket weave scarf that I can't wait to finish!


The Rosaleen shawl is such a lovely design. (I've been swatching lately.)


I've got a vest almost complete which will be a gift due to the "gage issue" it's suffering (no idea how that happened...) a pair of socks, also a surprise gift and a shawl for me! Feeling the need for a sweater in there to but haven't got the right combo going yet! Love those yarns you're using!


happy colors! and glad to see you're back to, not yet!


I'm knitting a vest and swatching.
Do you use mothballs?


what pretty yarn! i need to start a new project. . . .

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