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June 04, 2012



Welcome back! I'm sorry to hear about your back but I'm glad you are feeling better. Emma leaves this month? Yikes!


sounds like you have been BUSY!!! where's Emma going to school. and no i can't see the problem, please share.


Beth..where is Emma going to school? Amanda's scholarship requires a trip to Mexico this she is headed off on the 25th. You and I can cry together.


The setting is off ... aren't the points supposed to be on the edges for the full effect? The fabrics you've chosen are lovely!

I'm glad you are feeling better. Back problems are no. fun. at. all.

(Welcome back ~ missed you!)


We all seem to take unexpected breaks from time to time. Blessings to Emma as she takes her step into the academic world of college. Blessings to you and your family as you adjust to this next stage of raising a family. I know she'll blossom and bring pride to you. Happy to see you are back!


Welcome back! (I've been taking a long break our timing is perfect ;).)

I have no quilting skills so I don't know what's wrong with the picture either, but it's pretty :).

I'm glad you didn't need surgery. They're trying to determine if my shoulder pain isn't something that tore and healed wrong...makes for little crafting whatsoever, so I'm living vicariously through all the blogs I read.


Glad to hear that you will be avoiding surgery. I hope you're not in too much pain.

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