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July 09, 2012



I was taught to keep on going (hand quilting.) There will be a difference between the quilting done at the beginning and the quilting at the end, but it's a learning process. I still have that first lap quilt and it's pretty special.


wow! i think those are both beautiful, but i'm sure my eye is not as trained as yours.


I think they both look great. I always have envied quilters...something I always wanted to learn.


I think your circles look just fine. It's not supposed to be perfect, you know, it's a quilt and it's made with LOVE.


what Carole said. I think you just need to let it flow.... (and btw - this post showed up in my reader at 5:11 pm too - not sure if that's google reader, or typepad, but it does seem weird!)


I have quilting designs for the embroidery machine that I want to try out


I think both pieces of quilting look great.


I think it looks great from here. While I'm proud of my fancy cabled sweaters....I'm just as proud of my first scarf with a few dropped stitches. Just look at it as progress. ;0)


I say keep on keeping on.....What I aim for is to feel at ease with free motion. I still feel tense while doing this. I want it to feel natural. So I keep on keeping on and hoping.

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