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August 24, 2012



I deactivated my twitter and facebook accounts a year ago and don't miss them at all. (Now, that is. It was a little dicey at first.)

I've concluded that it all really depends upon (1) who you are keeping in touch with, (2) how important that two-way communication is and, (3) how best to reach them in such a way that they'll truly "interact." Our older son and his family prefer skype. Our younger son and his wife prefer texting.

Conclusion: the more relational, the better. Less relational feels like lurking. And too often it also feels like being on the receiving end of gossip.

A struggle for us all in this day of too much information under the guise of entertainment and not enough relationship.


Facebook and Skype are important for me as they allow me to keep up with friends and family in other countries easily. Likewise Ravelry introduced me to a wonderful group of knitters who really helped make my time living in South Africa much more enjoyable.
And blogging has given me some wonderful online friends, so only 4 social media sites for me.

One thing I do struggle with is often I'll sit and read about what other people are doing rather than actually doing something myself...


I'm all for a few channels with the people I care about. my blog, instagram and twitter are the ones I'd choose. I do use flickr and goodreads, but more for my personal libraries of photos and books - haven't "connected with" anyone over those channels in a while. I feel the same way about pinterest - it's fun to look at, but I don't feel like it's "social".


I have the blog, of course, and that's a big deal for me. I also use Facebook a lot. I have a twitter account but I don't use it. And I do use Flickr and Pinterest but I don't interact with people on them. Ravelry is great for my knitting projects but again, I don't really interact with people there. There's just only so much time for this and my blog and Facebook are the winners for me.


Oh my, I could fill a book! Facebook for me, definitely, because I'm far, far away, 986 miles, from family. I love hearing about my cousins, my kids (they're not that far, but far enough), in-laws. Ravelry because it's so wonderful to meet nice people LIKE YOU in GA and beyond. I have Twitter but not sure how to use it so I just read the news every night before going to bed. I have an old MySpace account but it's been years. Flickr because I keep saying I'm going to upload pictures but never do, Skype for when the youngest was traveling all the time to Africa. Yes, I have them all, but I like each of them for a different purpose.


i see pros and cons to it all, and now that my iphone has DIED, i realize how much i actually had at my finger tips. facebook is great for my overseas family and keeping up with the boys. i love skype so you can see the person, great when you have little birds living away from home. haven't done twitter, but may be tempted. linkin etc i don't bother with. i like pinterest for the ideas, but not really a social out let, same thing with good reads. i totally love ravelry, but more for keeping myself organized rather than a social outlet. an interesting question to pose-


I'm pretty connected on FB, read my twitter feed but say very little, Ravelry check out the forums but say very little, pinterest - haven't been on in ages but love the ideas! My thought is to stay engaged enough to understand the media. I see my parents and they never even did email - I don't ever want to fall behind in a way that would limit my ability to stay connected with my family!


I adore the conversations & relationships I've built on G+. I have FB mostly for my family and SCA (medieval reenactment group) contacts.

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