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September 07, 2012



I've never considered cooking vegan although I do try to serve a meatless meal a few times/month. I always love a new cookbook, though!


being vegan would never fly at my house. my current healthy eating goal is no processed meat (proscuitto being exempt), low calorie, high protein, lots of good carbs (fruits and veggies), minimal amounts of bread/pasta carbs, and low fat. i'm learning cycling requires a different food approach compared to runners. i'm also all about making what i eat rather than anything coming from a box or package. BTW i saw red lentils at trader joe's the other day. i love lentils and indian food. happy cooking.


I must confess even as a meat and dairy eater these dishes sound delicious!!


yummmm! i would be happy to be your test eater anytime! those all look delicious, but i love lentils and the lentil dish looks delicious! i love trying different types of eating: vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc. happy cooking!


It's not a recipe, but we switched from mayo to Grapeseed Vegenaise dressing & salad spread several months ago. It finishes a tomato and romaine sandwich nicely. (Okay, okay... we do add turkey bacon as well for our (T)BLT's.)


The recipes look delicious. We cook a lot of curries.

Gwyndolyn O'Shaughnessy

Much as I'd love to go vegetarian or vegan, my husband is very meat-n-potatoes. He'll allow as how the occasional recipe from "Laurel's Kitchen" is pretty OK, but please pass the chili.

I'd love to see some new veggie/vegan recipes. I've made all the "Laurel's Kitchen" ones that are practical for me (not much of a cook, alas) and am ready to try something new.

(And now i'm curious about the Apocalyptic Diner podcast!)

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